Our school Infrastructure serves as the foundation for a conducive learning environment. It encompasses various aspects including spacious and well ventilated class rooms to enhance interactive learning activities and ensures comfortable learning environment and improved concentration. Air-conditioned class rooms enhance better learning in a comfortable environment. Audio -Visual room to equip students with essential digital literacy skills. Our school has a very modern Computer Laboratary, using the most recent ideas and methods in computer laboratories, to give ample access to the use of computers from the young age to the students. Well-equipped laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics to facilitate the learning experience of science. A well-stocked library with a diverse collection of books from different languages and to encourage students to become lifelong learners and develop strong reading habits.

                    Activity rooms for developing skills of Music, Dance and Drawing. A big play ground and sports ground which encourages physical activity and promotes team work, sportsmanship and offers stress relief environment to the students. Filtered drinking water facility at every floor and in-campus kitchen for preparing healthy and fresh break-fast for children and staff. Sanitation facilities at every floor giving access to clean and hygienic sanitation, essential for health and well-being of the students. The school is ‘Future –Ready’ with the installation of solar panels to provide eco-friendly energy to meet all energy needs of school. Software based Attendance system for students. Conveying essential Information and Instructions to parents and students, using school application.