Rules of the School
  • Parents are an integral part of the school and the school seeks their co-operation all guidelines that will benefit child and assist in the smooth functioning of the school.
  • Parents need to understand that a good amount of regular work and practice is required for success. They should ensure that their children prepare their lessons and take active interest and participate in all the activities of the school.
  • Parents must regularly go through the “Principal’s Remarks, Class Teacher’s Remarks  and  Note to parents pages in the school Ephemeris and also track their child’s progress with the Report Card.
  • Parents will not be permitted to visit their child’s classroom or meet their child during school hours.
  • Parents need to send written request to the Principal/ Class Teacher for any information or document required from the school, specifying the purpose for which it is required.
  • For safety and punctuality, it is mandatory for all students to avail the van facility.
  • The school has no van or bus. School is not responsible for the accidental happening. Parents must pay the transportation amount decided to the van driver, from the academic year June to the end of the academic year May, which will be of 12 months.
  • Parents have to inform the school in writing, a letter of any change of address in the middle of an academic year.
  • Students are strictly not allowed to eat anything in the van.
  • Children have to maintain discipline and decorum in the van and no one is allowed to open the doors. This safety measure has to be strictly followed by all, without any exceptions.
  • Students cannot use offensive or abusive language nor can they discuss inappropriate or indecent topics. Fighting or causing any kind of damage to the van or breach of any of the rules will lead to strict disciplinary action.
  • We request not to distribute chocolates or gifts on child’s birthday. He/ She should come in Uniform only. Books for the school library or educational CDs or toys can be donated.
  • Private tuition is strongly discouraged from Nursery to IV std. and hence should be resorted to only as the last measure after consulting the principal.
  • Parents are requested to give their child only veg. items in the lunch box.
  • Water bottle is not allowed from Nursery to Std. IV
  • Students from V to XII must bring roti – sabji as breakfast from Monday to Friday. Dry breakfast is allowed only on Saturdays.
  • A child must carry the school Ephemeris everyday. It must be updated with complete information and photograph of the child and duly signed by the parents / guardians.
  • Students should not carry any personal / valuable item to school. Although care is taken of students’ articles, the school will not be responsible for theft or loss of the same.
  • In case of any damage caused by the students to the school property, parents will be liable to pay for the replacement or repair.
  • School management reserves the right to suspend / expel students for indiscipline, unethical conduct and breach of rules and regulations of the school.
  • Students have to respect teachers, elders and colleagues and refrain from dominating demeaning behaviours.
  • Students must get all notes/ circulars signed  by their parents/ guardians and return them to the class teacher in the specified time period.
  • No Students should indulge in any of the following practices:

Disfigure or damage school property.

Display rude or violent behaviour.

Indulge in casteism, communalism or practice untouchability or ostracize anyone on any kind of personal differences.

  • Students are expected to behave in a disciplined and responsible manner at all times.
  • Students are answerable to the authority for their misbehavior both inside and outside the school.
  • Students should greet each other, staff members and guests politely and with due respect.
  • Students should be in the school before the warning bell.
  • All students should report to the school on the re-opening day of each term without fail.
  • Students should abide by the standards of discipline set by the school.
  • Students should use only English while conversing in the school campus.
  • Students should develop the habit of regularity, punctuality and orderliness in all school work.
  • Students are expected to be polite to one and all both inside and outside the school campus.
  • Rubbish and waste material should be dumped in the dustbins provided on each floor and in every classroom.
  • Chewing gums and any similar eatables are not allowed in school
  • Students are not permitted to wear or bring any valuable things to the school.
  • No student will be allowed to leave the school premises during school hours unless guardians / parents come and take their wards with a written permission from the principal.
School Uniform
  • All students must wear clean and prescribed uniform.
  • Identity Card to be worn regularly. (Pre-Primary)
  • The T-shirt must be fully buttoned.
  • No jewellery is permitted except small earnings for girls.
  • Hair must be neatly cut/pinned/plaited and combed.
  • Nails must be kept clean and cut.
  • Boys must maintain their hair trimmed and neat.
  • Fancy hairstyles and coloured hair are not allowed.
  • Students are not allowed to apply nail polish, tattoo or any henna design.
Attendance & Leave of Absence
  • No student should remain absent from the class without a sufficient reason. Parents/Guardian must clearly state the reason for the absence in the leave record of the Ephemeris.
  • Students are not allowed to attend when ailing or suffering from any infectious diseases.
  • Leave for more than 2 days will be granted only on written application from the parent / guardians.
  • In case of sick leave, note should be supported by medical certificate.
  • Attendance before and after a short break/vacation is compulsory.
  • Half day leave or permission for leaving early will not be granted during exams or on any regular day.
Examination & Promotion policy
  • All Students have to compulsorily appear for the weekly tests and Terminal examination planned for the academic year and to be held on the notified dates.
  • The promotion of the student is based upon his/her achievements in all the tests and Terminal exams taken together.
  • No leave will be entertained during the exam except on the discretion of the principal.
  • Students must respect and obey their teachers and school authorities at all times.
  • Running, playing and shouting in the classrooms and corridors during study hours is forbidden.
  • Students must not indulge in fights and physical and verbal abuse in school. Stringent action will be taken against all students instigating and/or participating in such acts.
  • Students are not permitted to bring video games – DVDs, CDs, walk mans or Mobile phones to the school. This rule is applicable for class, practices, Annual Day, Sports Day, Picnic etc. Any such property found in the possession of the student will be confiscated by the school.
  • Students must record and follow the specific instructions given by their teachers.
Library Discipline
  • Books from the Library will be issued only during the library period.
  • The books must be examined before taking and any damage must be brought to the notice of the teacher or the librarian. The borrower will be held responsible for any damage done to the book while in his/her charge.
  • In case of damaging a book, a fine will be charged.
  • If a book is lost, librarian must be notified immediately. It must be replaced with a similar edition within a week or the cost of the book will be charged.
  • No personal books, bags, lunch boxes are allowed in the library. Any personal book found shall be confiscated. Only notebooks may be taken into the library.
  • Discipline and Silence must be maintained in the library.
  • Furniture must be taken care of.
Maintenance of Study Materials
  • All school books must be labelled and neatly maintained throughout the year.
  • Books must be brought according to the day’s timetable without fail.
School Leaving Certificate
  • Parents should apply for an S.L.C. one month before the withdrawal.
  • The S.L.C. will be issued only after full dues of the school have been paid.
  • Those who wish to leave in the month of April must pay fees for the month of May.
  • Application is to be filled and submitted to school office one month before the academic year ends.
  • L.C. will be furnished only after two weeks after the payment of all the dues.
  • Damage of school furniture and school amenities will be charged from the responsible students. If not found, the whole class will be responsible for the payment of furniture/ damage.
School Property
  • Care must be taken to keep the school clean at all times.
  • No scratches, writings or drawings may be made on the school furniture or walls.
  • Strict action may be taken if school property, including library books, is willfully damaged or destroyed. In such cases, a heavy fine may also be imposed.
  • Damage of school furniture and school amenities will be charged from the responsible students. If not found the whole class will be responsible for the payment of furniture/ damage.
Parental Co-operation
  • Parents/Guardians are not allowed to enter the class rooms. They can meet the teachers only after obtaining permission from the Principal.
  • Parents must attend the scheduled PTA meetings and the Open House Days in the interest of their wards.
  • All report cards will be handed over only to the parents/guardians. Under no circumstances will the report card be given to a student or any other unauthorized person.
  • Under exceptional circumstances if the parent would like the report card to be handed over to any other responsible person, prior permission of the Principal has to be obtained and a letter of authorization must be given to that person.
  • Parents are expected to sign the remarks of the principal/teachers in the report card and Ephemeris whenever required.
  • No leave of absence will be granted to the students without a written application signed by the parents and it will be granted only for authentic reasons. In case of illness, a medical certificate should be produced.
After – School
  • No student is permitted to come to school on holidays unless the teacher has given a written note.
  • Students coming for practices on  holidays must come in school uniform.
  • Parents are earnestly requested to pick up their child when the school ends, on instructed days.
  • Please note that school is not responsible for anything that happens after school hours unless the student is specifically called after school hours by the teachers with a written note to the effect.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or malpractice in connection with examinations, or causes injury to the dignity of the school would be sufficient reason for the dismissal of the student.
  • Irregular attendance without medical reason.
  • Disobedience of the School Rules
  • Objectionable Conduct.
  • Disrespect and discourtesy to staff, authorities and school principal.
  • Bringing forbidden things to school
Bringing Mobile and Other Valuables
  • Item will be taken away and will be given only to parents.
  • If caught for the second time, item will be taken away and will be given back at the end of the year to the parents and may lead to suspension for a week.
Discipline Policy


  • 1st Warning : Verbal
  • 2nd Warning : Written (Handbook)
  • 3rd Warning : Telephonic acknowledgement to parents
  • Last Step : Parents will be asked to pick up the child after assembly
Irregular in bringing and completing note books
  • 1st warning : verbal and written in notebook and should be signed by parents.
  • 2nd warning : Telephonic talk with parents