Our Testimonial

It was golden the period of my life when I was a school girl. For me sweet are the memories of the school-days. Deep are the impressions of school life and unforgettable are the experiences of my school days. I had very good teachers throughout my school life. They were devoted teachers and the worshipers of good values. They embedded in my mind virtues like hard work, honesty, courage, helping and respecting our elders. They imparted their knowledge to me . They gave me good thoughts and broadened my outlook. They developed in me a habit of rational thinking. What I am today is a personality cut out and shaped by my teachers in my school days, On occasions the whole chart of memorable moments in school life moves in front of my eyes, I feel like becoming a child and experience those golden days again. But alas! Its not possible. I will always carry in my mind the rich treasure of sweet memories of my school life and share it with my close friends that I am proud I was a student of GEMS.


Ruchita J. Bhavani

TY Interior Designing

ITM college, Mumbai

GEMS, the place that sheltered me for 14 years of my life, the teachers that saw me grow from a grumpy little crying child to a more responsible high school student. GEMS played an essential role in developing me in the person I am today, from the values that were taught to us as well as the strong foundational education required to excel in future was something that my teachers provided me. It will always hold a special place in my heart as I can proudly say that the reason I am doing well at a university & that too in a different country is that of the education I received at GEMS. At times I appreciate how lucky I was to meet the fantastic teachers & friends who helped me grow along the way. Whenever someone asks for the reason of choosing Accounting as my major, I proudly say that the way GEMS introduced me to Accounting & the basic principle of it, helped me in deciding my career path. Once again I would like to thank each and every person at GEMS who dedicates their time for the students and their betterment, will forever be grateful to the school & my teachers.


Khushboo Kapadia

Accounting Major Class of 2020

Rutgers University, United State.

(Copy From Guzder English Medium School, Gandevi)